Stormy Santos

Dour goth by day; insane supervillain by night.


Arete & Spheres

Arete: 2

Time: 4 (Stop/Start) – specialty
Entropy: 2

Backgrounds & Resonance

Avatar: 3
Arcane: 3
Resources: 2
Ally: 1

Resonance: 1 (Absurd)


To most people she knows, Stormy is a dour, often snarky goth who works a boring data entry job. Not much happens in her life, and she seems relatively content to lean into the nihilistic, depressive tendencies of her generation and do nothing. “We’re all gonna die, so who cares,” is a common refrain of hers—and people are never quite sure if she’s joking or not.

By night, however, Stormy becomes Lord Vandal, a supervillain with a grand plan to upset the world order and disturb entrenched hierarchies in order to pave her path to world domination and the establishment of her own dictatorial dystopia. To this end, she employs criminal schemes, reality hacking, culture jamming, and, of course, her magical ability to manipulate time and destiny.


Stormy’s best friend is Tyler, her loyal sidekick, who still can’t think of his sidekick name. The two have been best friends since high school, and he’s been on board with her evil plans since.

Stormy Santos

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