Mage '93


Investigation on the House at Echo Park day 1

I’ve heard many rumors in regards to the fate of a very specific house that resides in one Echo Park. The residents fear to even step foot on the property which is unusual for such a valuable property.

I began my research on the property at the library and it turns out that there were three homicides at the residents, definitely creating the possibility of a resident spirit or two bound to the property.

Afterwards I headed to the old home to see if anyone could recall the old residents, I prepared 4 dozen cinnamon buns for the residents to ease suspicions and start relations on a good foot. They loved the buns and I noted down the recipe for future improvement. One man in particular caught my interest as he had actually entered the estate. He claimed that as a kid he entered the house to sleep over during the night. When he woke up the next morning 33 years had passed. I want to believe this man but this would not support my theory of a haunt. Ghosts would not cause a time lapse…. I postulated on some possibilities and thought of three answers so far.

1) A mage had created a time warp and caused the man to skip through time…
2) A mage had manipulated the man’s mind so that he forgot the last 33 years of his life
or 3) the man in crazy.

I tried to find out who is the current owner of the estate via the town hall. For some reason finding owner ship of this house caused a ruckus and I was immediately escorted out of the door. Something is fishy is going on in this town, and it definitely isn’t the fresh type of fish.

I decided to visit the estate myself, if the owner was home I could ask for access to the place and if still abandoned I could peak around a bit. I talked to a limo driver outside of the manor he mentioned that the owner isn’t one for hospitality so I returned to my truck to make a batch of cookies as an offering. They turned out a bit better than expected and I was delighted by the results. The spirit of flavor was with me and I must be on the right path.

I headed up to the estate and met several individuals on the way. 1st I met a man by the name of Icarus Flynt, he rejected my offer at first and admitted that he was not the owner of the house. I continued on the way and met an odd fellow by the name of stormy and his sidekick. Stormy claimed to be the owner of the estate and I was ready to ask him if I could proceed with my investigation however when Icarus denied his claim he and his goon chased after him.

When I entered the house I finally encountered Guru Dave who claimed ownership of the property, Stormy rebuked his claimed and each made their case. Obviously by the condition of the estate one of them is a squatter and the other is the actual owner. The question is who? Figuring that the ensuing argument was pointless I went on with my business. I gave myself the sight and immediately detected a presence. The contact was limited but the spirit was clearly bound to this estate perhaps because he was murdered here.

To my surprise Icarus had detected my spell… most of the time when I perform this people just think I am crazy but here before me was a mage. I quickly discovered that the others were mages as well. Which made me think of the man at the retirement home. Had one of these mages caused his curse? Or was it a mere chance? Mages tend to be drawn to nodes and there was a node in the basement of this house I identified later on.

I must learn more about their powers to see if there is a connection.

As it stands, Guru Dave appears to be able to manipulate metal and talks of a silver god which does not exist at the moment.

Stormy’s abilities remain unknown but he doesn’t appear stable, he babbled on about something involving a Walmart employee and how it was connected to Saved by the Bell.

His side kick is either very good at hiding his powers are simply doesn’t have them to begin with.

Icarus said that his powers involve matter, but that is a statement and statements can be lined with falsehood. Plus his reason for being at the manor seem suspicious.

The crazy one plans on going to Walmart tomorrow, I decided to accompany him to see if I can get a read on his powers and see if they are linked to whatever is happening with this house.


Also, enjoy your +1 xp


Stormy is a lady, not a man, baby!

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