Echo Park

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Four major neighborhoods: Angelino Heights, with victorian homes, where The House is located; Elysian Heights, home to generations of artists and political radicals; Historic Filipinotown; Victor Heights. The neighborhood surrounds Echo Park, a park with a small lake at the center, and is bordered by Chinatown, Sunset Boulevard, and Downtown, among others.

Places: Echoplex, Echo Park Time Travel Mart, Lemon Frog Vintage Shop, Origami Vinyl,

Echo Park has some interesting gangs: Echo Park Locos, Diamond Street Locos, Frogtown, Crazys, Head Hunters, and Big Top Locos. Definitely a theme here.

The Diamond Street Locos allied with the gay community in the 80s and now hosts the Sunset Junction Street Fairs.

The Echo Park Locos are the dominant gang, and have been for decades.

Frogtown come from Elysian Heights, which used to be known as Frogtown. They are a diminishing, old-school gang.

Big Top Locos are politically active in revolutionary circles and have a sister gang in Chiapas, Mexico.

The Head Hunters are known locally but stay under the radar, not making it into the news very often at all.

The Crazys are a larger gang, active throughout Los Angeles, who have been clashing with the Echo Park Locos.

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Echo Park

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