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The City…

Overall information, themes, and the impact the PCs have

Themes: Mortality, Consequences, Time, Interconnection

In particular, Echo Park, where The House is located (specifically, Angelino Heights). Some neighborhoods near Echo Park:



Sunset Boulevard

And in the next concentric circle around these neighborhoods, there are:

East Los or East Los Angeles to the east, more run-down and densely populated with plenty of gangs

Griffith Park to the north, with its abandoned zoo, multiple hauntings, and curse

Hollywood to the west, and then farther west come Beverly Hills, Century City and then Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean

Koreatown to the southwest

…And The City

The Near, Middle, Far and Deep Umbra as reached by inhabitants of the City. 

The Near Umbra, also known as the Shadowlands, is a close mirror of the material world.

The Middle Umbra is more abstracted, the realm of umbrood and spirits. This is also where one can find the gates to the Astral Realm, Dreaming, and some say, the Digital Web.

The Far Umbra is the realm of gods, monsters and long-forgotten things.

The Deep Umbra is stranger yet. 


Either in the City, or the City, or farther out. Places that matter to the PCs. 

…and The House


House Rules


Our Setting


Quick and Dirty Magic


Target, Damage and Duration:

  • 1 success must be spent to affect someone who is not the mage.
  • Normally, 2 damage per success. plus 1 damage from Forces. Mind can deal bashing. Prime only deals agg. Life 4+ deals agg to living things; Forces 4+ can deal agg to everything.
  • Instantaneous effects are the default. 1 success to duration extends it to one scene; 2 to a day; 3 to a story; 4 successes can be months; 5 successes is ST’s discretion.
  • Without some kind of connection, or Correspondence, mages can only affect targets they can see within shouting distance. In place of Correspondence, mages can use body parts (like hair or blood), personal objects, and the like to affect distant targets.

Sphere Example:

  • Forces 1: Know for sure whether it’s going to rain today.
  • Forces 2: If it is raining, make the storm more or less severe.
  • Forces 3: with Prime 2, conjure up a small storm out of nowhere. Turn a rainstorm to a hailstorm. Have each raindrop make a bell sound when it lands.
  • Forces 4: summon up a lightening-tornado or a sandstorm that is also a firestorm.
  • Forces 5: call up a storm that rains gravity, pressing down with each raindrop’s impact.

Quick and Dirty Character Creation


What We Want To See

  • Conspiracy theories are cool
  • Get Anthony Kiedis back on drugs
  • Pilgrimage to the Eternal Kitchen

What We Don’t Want To See

  • No vampires
  • No Hitler was a Mage

Some Things About the Early 90s

  • Grunge music, rave culture, and Peak Goth
  • Glasnost and the fall of the Soviet Union
  • Rap goes mainstream, also gets more hardcore
  • Sega Genesis, roller-blades, 90210, neon
  • The Internet is a thing, but it is dial-up and messaging is rudimentary
  • Bill Clinton, the first World Trade Center bombing, Waco
  • AIDS
  • Inner city "super-predators" and mass incarceration
  • The Satanic Panic is slowing, but the FBI still has their Occult Crimes Division


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