Our Setting

This is where our changes to the setting of Mage the Ascension will live.

The Traditions: Akashyana/Akashic Brotherhood, Celestial Chorus, Cult of Ecstasy/Sahajiva, Dreamspeakers/Kha’vadi, Euthanatos/Chakravanti, Order of Hermes, Society of Ether/Sons of Ether, Verbena, Virtual Adepts

The Technocracy: Iteration-X, New World Order, Progenitors, Syndicate, Void Engineers

The Disparates/Crafts: Al-i-batin, Bata’a, Children of Knowledge/Solificati, Hollow Ones, Kopa Loei, Ngoma, Sisters of Hippolyta, Taftani, Templar Knights, Wu Lung


Our Setting

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